I’m an editor by trade, a mother of elementary-age children (juggling homework, soccer practices, all that), and a priestess of Wicca. Here’s how that last part came to be.

I came to Paganism through a childhood affinity for trees and a love of the forest that never left me. I became Pagan in 2000, identifying as a Druid and joining ADF for a brief while, and from 2001 to 2005, I was an executive board member of Earth Spirit, a student Pagan group at Ferris State University (it has since disbanded). After college, my husband and I moved to the East Coast and I connected with the Blue Star tradition of Wicca. I became a Dedicant in 2007 and studied with Blue Star groves in Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia.

However, this connection was broken in 2010, when we moved back home to Michigan and had our children. Suddenly I felt isolated, abandoned. I made a few attempts to connect to local Pagans but raising babies took priority, and I put the Craft on the shelf for a few years. Not willingly, either. This was also a time of trial and difficulty; it seemed to me that the Gods had thrown me into the woods to see if I would grow, mature, and come back. And I did, slowly, returning to Blue Star in 2015 and 2016, although not in person — I am to this day the only Blue Star witch in Michigan — and seeking out other groups and traditions. I felt called by the Gods and by this land, and I had since learned that there were other traditional Wiccan covens nearby; I hoped for an introduction to one of them.

In early 2017, I began circling with MoonFire, a lineaged Chthonioi-Alexandrian coven. We clicked. I found a raucous, diverse coven family that has embraced me (and my kids), and so much growth has happened! It was like a fallow field that’s been tilled and planted at long last, and the satisfaction of new green shoots bursting forth is matched only by how bright and strong young plants in the entire field are growing.

The Wheel ever turns, and I reached a point where I worried less about my own development (although I continue to work and study) and more about what I have to teach others. What good has all of this experience done me if I can’t pass on what I have learned? The next step from there was Saturday Night Witchcraft and the forming of the Not-Coven; hopefully, I have something worthwhile to say to the next generation of seekers. Although in this, too, waiting is.

I was initiated in September 2018, then elevated to the second degree in July 2019. My husband, Hlevang, felt the calling as well; he underwent his own rite of dedication and, recently, first-degree initiation. He’s been by my side from the beginning, but Wicca hadn’t previously been his thing, so we’ve had to make some adjustments and we’re still hammering out a working partnership.

That said, I think we’re doing some pretty good work in MoonFire. It’s just work that doesn’t need to be rushed. It may be a few years yet before the Not-Coven becomes a real coven, but in the meantime, I’m up for meeting seekers and putting some more of my magickal experience out in the world.

Updated October 2019