The Not-Coven

I call it The Not-Coven because it doesn’t exist yet. However, it has been planned for a long time.

When I became Wiccan, in college, I was very sure that I would have to be a solitary forever because there were absolutely no Wiccan covens in West Michigan. (Spoiler: There were.) I graduated and moved out East, where I began studying Wicca within a traditional coven structure. If I ever moved back home, I thought, I would start a coven of my own, because I had felt such a deep loss that there were no covens near me then. I felt called to that Work.

The Wheel turns, life goes on, and before I moved back, I discovered that there have been covens and individual Wiccans here for a long time — if I’d known where to look or who to talk to. And since I’ve come back, new covens and groups have sprung up, reopened, become more public.

Yet the calling remained.

Because of that calling, I have carried this not-coven with me for almost ten years, waiting for the right moment and the right people. It will be formed to serve the Lord and Lady of Wicca and to meet the spiritual needs of witches in rural West Michigan by offering regular rituals, community, and training in traditional Wicca. It will be a lineaged Chthonioi Alexandrian coven, it will be inclusive and welcoming, and it will begin forming very soon, I hope (if you’re interested, come check out Saturday Night Witchcraft). However, I am not yet fully trained or initiated; right now, everything is provisional and focused on discussion and study until those formal steps happen and I can hive off (meaning that the coven would be autonomous and would exist on its own). That process may take another five to ten years. Which, again, is why I call it a not-coven: because it’s not, technically, although it will someday grow into one.

That said: If you’ve arrived at this page because you were hoping against hope that there was a traditional Wiccan coven near you in West Michigan, I would love to hear from you. There can be no coven without witches to fill it.