Hello! I’m Maewyn, a Traditional Wiccan witch, and this site was intended to be for my coven. It’s here on my own domain because the coven doesn’t exist yet. Are you a seeker or an initiate looking for one to join? If you’re in Michigan and too far east to drive to Muskegon regularly, too far south for Big Rapids, too far west for Saginaw, and too far north for Grand Rapids or Lansing, you’re close to the would-be covenstead.

I regularly travel to Artes & Craft in Hartford, Michigan, on Saturdays and occasionally Sundays for Full Moon and Sabbat circles with MoonFire. I will next be attending (and leading!) the public ritual for Lammas. Dates are listed in Upcoming Events below, and you can find times and driving directions on the Artes & Craft Facebook page.