Hello! I’m Maewyn, a third-degree initiate of Chthonioi-Alexandrian Wicca, and this site is where I talk about my experience and practice of witchcraft and the not-quite-a-coven that has been slowly forming.

Curious about Traditional Wicca, the Old Gods, and magick? Are you a seeker and looking for a coven to join? If you’re in Michigan and too far east to drive to Muskegon regularly, too far south for Big Rapids, too far west for Saginaw, and too far north for Grand Rapids or Lansing, you’re probably close by! Contact me for more information. (With pandemic restrictions easing, we can also talk about meeting in person.)

I also occasionally appear at Artes & Craft in Hartford, in southwest Michigan, for rituals with MoonFire. Keep an eye on the Artes & Craft Facebook page for the return of events — classes and rituals are always free and open to the public.

Summery pink and white flowers arranged in a vase