I’m an editor by trade, a mother of small children (wine, leggings, messy bun, the whole deal), and a priestess of Wicca. Here’s how that last part came to be.

I came to Paganism through a childhood affinity for trees and a love of the forest that never left me. I became Pagan in 2000, identifying as a Druid and joining ADF for a brief while, and from 2001 to 2005, I was an executive board member of Earth Spirit, a student Pagan group at Ferris State University (it has since disbanded). After college, I moved to the East Coast and connected with the Blue Star tradition of Wicca. I became a Dedicant in 2007 and studied with several Blue Star groves in Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia.

However, this connection was broken in 2010, when I moved back home to Michigan and had my children. Suddenly I felt isolated, abandoned. It was my choice to put the Craft on the shelf for a few years, true, but this was also a time of trial and difficulty; it seemed to me that the Gods had thrown me into the woods to see if I would grow, mature, and come back. And I did, slowly, returning to Blue Star in 2015 and 2016, despite the lack of other Blue Star folks in Michigan with whom I could study. I felt called by the Gods and by this land, so I sought out community with other groups and traditions as well, to serve Them right where I am.

In early 2017, I began circling with MoonFire, a lineaged Chthonioi Alexandrian coven, and underwent the rite of dedication at Beltane. I found a raucous, diverse coven family that has embraced me (and my kids), and there’s so much growth happening now! It’s like a fallow field that’s been tilled and planted at long last, and new green shoots are bursting forth.

The Wheel ever turns, and now I’ve reached a point where I worry less about my own development and more about what I have to teach others. What good has all of this experience done me if I can’t pass on what I have learned? So the next step is Saturday Night Witchcraft and the forming of the Not-Coven, where I hope I have something worthwhile to say to the next generation of seekers.

Updated November 2017