Saturday Night Witchcraft: What to know

Pandemic update: No events are scheduled now, but the info below will still be useful when we can all safely meet again!

It’s common to have concerns about attending an event for the first time when it’s held at someone else’s home, especially if you have health concerns: What should you wear? Can you eat the food that’s put out? Should you bring meds you might need? Can you even get in the door?

Here are a few details that might help ease your mind (or just sate your curiosity), besides the what and when posted earlier.

Directions: The house is not difficult to find! It’s one turn off a main road, not down winding back roads or anything. Once you’ve contacted me and shown interest in coming, I’ll tell you at that coffee shop meeting how to get here and/or provide my address (Google Maps is your friend and mine). We have a wide driveway to provide plenty of parking, and the roads are usually well plowed in the winter.

Food and allergies: Feel free to bring something to drink and a dish to share, if you’d like. We will provide some drinks (water, tea, etc.) and appetizer-type food (which may expand to a full potluck meal, depending on how many people attend, but right now the plan is light snacky stuff). If you are veg*n and/or have food allergies, let me know ahead of time and I will make sure that ingredients or potential allergens are labeled and that there will be something there you can eat! You’re also welcome to bring food, either just for yourself or to share. (On her Seekers site, Jenett talks in more detail about how to decide what to bring.)

Clothing: Street wear is fine. Again, Jenett has excellent guidance on choosing what to wear to a Pagan event.

Kids: We have two elementary-age children who live here full-time, and they will likely be interested in the food but not the conversation and will be encouraged to play quietly in another room. If you have kids about the same age, you are welcome to bring them along and/or ask to meet at a playground first. (Or, the way I did it, attend a few times and then bring the kids once you feel safe doing so.)

Pet allergies: We do have cats, including one long-haired cat (who is shy and will likely hide while people are here, but her dander may still be an issue if you have cat allergies). New to the family is a large dog, a pitbull mix, who has so far been friendly to strangers and responsive to training. He will want to lick your face but does respect “no.”

Access: The main entrance has four stairs; there is also a ramp installed in the garage, but the entrance to the garage itself has a steep incline that may be difficult to navigate for wheelchair users. (Demophon, my husband, has used a wheelchair and sometimes uses a cane, so accessibility modifications were made with his ability level in mind.) There are also some thresholds at doorways. A spacious bathroom is on the main level of the house. Classes are seated; rituals involve standing, but chairs are available for those who need them. Both are scheduled from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

If I have left out anything that’s a concern for you, send me an email, or ask when we meet prior to class!

(Further reading for seekers: Check out Jenett’s tips for learning about a new group and the Advanced Bonewits Cult Danger Evaluation Frame.)

Updated July 2021

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